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Surrey Sedation Dentistry

We can help you put your anxiety behind you – it’s quick and effective

We don’t take it personally – some people are just fearful of dental procedures, and we understand that.

But even if you have anxiety surrounding dental procedures or appointments, it doesn’t mean you have to deal with those feelings every time you visit us. There are options available to calm your nerves and make dental appointments more comfortable.

At 21st Century Dental Centre, we offer oral sedation – which means we can give you medication to relieve your anxiety and minimize any discomfort during a dental visit. We administer the sedative medication orally, and you enter a state of dreamy sleepiness. Oral sedation has always been used during oral surgeries, but is now becoming a popular option to relieve anxiety during dental procedures.

If you remain awake, you do not care what is happening around you – and you do not remember anything after the procedure is over. Or you may sleep peacefully through the entire procedure, and wake up when it’s over. Oral sedation allows us you to get a lot of dental work done in just one visit.

Almost any adult, teenager or child is a candidate for oral sedation. It’s particularly useful for people with a fear of dental visits, people with a history of anxiety/panicking, or mentally-handicapped patients. But it's also preferred by people who would simply rather not be "aware" during a procedure.

You are allowed to go home following the procedure, but cannot drive for the rest of the day — and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The medication wears off very quickly, but could leave you feeling unsteady for the first few hours.

For more information about oral sedation, and see if it’s right for you, contact 21st Century Dental Centre today.

FAQs — Click question to reveal answer

Q: What happens after I wake up from oral sedation?
A: You may feel a bit unsteady on your feet, but the medication wears off fairly quickly. You must be accompanied home by a responsible adult, and you cannot drive for the rest of the day. Once you're at home, you should rest quietly, but you can eat normally (providing you don't have dietary restrictions because of your procedure).
Q: Does my dental insurance cover oral sedation?
A: It depends on your coverage, but most dental plans cover sedation when administered with oral surgery. We would be happy to help you understand your available coverage, so please ask us at your next appointment.