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Customized Invisalign Braces to Align Your Teeth in Surrey

When you have straight, beautiful teeth, you just can’t help but smile all the time. But did you know that having your teeth in their ideal positions is about more than just aesthetics? It also plays a huge role in the comfort and function of your mouth.


At 21st Century Dental, we can use orthodontics to move crooked teeth into their ideal positions – allowing them to function properly. We’ll correct the positioning of your teeth, improve your bite, and leave you with a comfortable, beautiful smile.


21st Century Dental is proud to offer Invisalign in Surrey. For this simple process, we create a series of clear plastic aligner trays -- custom-made to fit your teeth. Every two weeks, you’ll switch to a different aligner, and your teeth will gradually shift into their proper places. It’s an effective, comfortable way to straighten your teeth.


To learn more about Invisalign, click here.

The team at 21st Century Dental is ready to help you begin your smile transformation. We are often asked about the ideal age for orthodontic treatment, but the reality is that braces aren't just for children and teenagers. More and more of our adult patients are choosing Invisalign to give themselves a more attractive, comfortable smile.


Here are just a few of the ways orthodontics at 21st Century Dental could help you.

Bite problems:

Your upper teeth are designed to slightly overlap your lower teeth, so they can bite together in proper occlusion. If your jaws and teeth are naturally too far forward or too far back, you may have a bite problem. Bite problems can cause painful damage to your teeth if left untreated. Talk to us about how orthodontics can improve your bite.

Crowded issues:

When your teeth are properly aligned, they form a U-shaped arch. This makes it easy to brush them and floss between each one. If your teeth are crowded together, it makes it difficult to clean them properly, and that puts them at risk for decay. Some people are self-conscious about having crowded teeth and wish their smile was properly aligned. Talk to us today about how orthodontics can correct crowded teeth.

Spacing issues:

If you have spaces between your teeth, the gaps can cause problems with your alignment and occlusion (bite). Spaces can be corrected with the help of orthodontics. When you're missing a tooth, the surrounding teeth slowly shift their position in an attempt to fill the gap. After losing a baby tooth, it's important to allow room for an adult tooth to grow. Talk to us today about how orthodontic appliances can help maintain that space.

For more information about orthodontic treatment, contact 21st Century Dental today.

FAQs — Click Question to Reveal Answer

  • Q: I Often Hear My Son Grinding His Teeth While He Sleeps. Does He Need a Bite Appliance?
    A: Bite appliances are not usually suggested for children with baby, or mixed dentitions, as they can restrict the growth of their jaw and the normal loss of their teeth.
  • Q: Should My Daughter Come to the 21st Century Dental for Her First Dental Visit Before Her First Birthday?
    A: We usually recommend a child come into the 21st Century Dental for their first visit when they are old enough to sit in the chair and open their mouth without too much fuss — and that’s usually around their second birthday. If you’re not sure if your child should come in for a visit, just call or email our Surrey team.
  • Q: I’m Scared Whenever I Go to the Dentist, and I Always Have Been. How Do I Prevent My Children from Being Afraid, Too?
    A: It’s very important that you try not to pass your fear of the dentist along to your children. Maintain light, relaxed conversations about dental visits. Keep all comments breezy and positive, and show your children that going to the dentist is a fun experience.
  • Q: My Nine-month-old Baby Has Five Teeth. Do I Need to Brush Them?
    A: You should begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they have them. Contrary to popular belief, even babies can get cavities — it’s often referred to as “baby bottle rot.” Sugars from milk and juice settle on their teeth and can begin to cause decay. Since babies tend to suck on bottles slowly, we recommend that parents encourage their baby or toddler to finish a drink within 20 minutes. Then the parents should wipe their baby’s teeth and gums to clean them, using a soft infant toothbrush or a wet washcloth. Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice.
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