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Sports Guards/Bite Appliances

Protect your teeth from sports injuries, grinding or jaw clenching

Our teeth can be damaged in a split-second – where everything seems to happen in slow-motion and you realize it’s going to be bad – or they can be damaged slowly over time – like when you consistently wake up with headaches from grinding them while you sleep.

There are two common ways in which we harm our teeth: playing sports, and grinding and clenching while we sleep. At 21st Century Dental Centre, we can fit you for custom guards and bite appliances that help to protect your teeth from both types of damage.

  • Grinding/clenching: "Bruxism" is when you clench or grind your teeth while your sleep. Bruxism can cause chipped teeth, damaged fillings, painful headaches, and it can even loosen your teeth. Our team can fit you with a special night guard that will protect your teeth from being damaged while you sleep.
  • Sports: Sports often leave your teeth vulnerable — particularly contact sports such as rugby, hockey and football. We can fit athletes with sports guards to protect their teeth from injury during physical activity.

Contact 21st Century Dental Centre today to discuss a custom guard or bite appliance to protect your teeth from harm.

FAQs — Click question to reveal answer

Q: Can I still talk while I’m wearing a sports guard?
A: Yes, you will be able to talk. Sports guards do not prevent teammates from being able to communicate during a game. Wearing a sports guard may muffle your speech a little at first, but soon it will become a comfortable part of your mouth.
Q: I often wake up with a jaw ache. Does that mean I am grinding my teeth at night?
A: Yes, it could signal that you are grinding or clenching at night. Our patients often first realize they grind their teeth because they regularly wake up with tooth pain, jaw pain, or a headache. Talk to us if you suspect you may be grinding or clenching at night, and we'll evaluate your teeth to see if a bite appliance would be a good idea.
Q: I often hear my child grinding their teeth at night. Should they be fitted for a bite appliance?
A: Bite appliances are not usually suggested for children with baby or mixed dentitions, as they can restrict the growth of their jaw and the normal shedding of their teeth.
Q: Does my dental insurance cover a custom guard or bite appliance?
A: It depends on your coverage, but most dental plans cover at least a portion of a guard or bit appliances. We would be happy to help you understand your available coverage, so please ask us at your next appointment.